GRRrrrrrrMEeeeeoOW – the Tiger is ALIVE!!!

Finally the day has come. The day I have been waiting and working for in more than a year; is alive and kicking, with Tigers and all. It must be, since you are able to read this ( pinching my arm here ).

It has been the most crazy rollercoaster ride, in all aspects, god and bad, better or for worse, but now we are here together, you and me, and everything else is forgotten.

MEWEcreate and I look forward to share our world, thoughts, ideas, ups and downs with you in here, so I hope you will tune in once in a while, to see and hear more, and maybe even get some inspiration.

This News post, will be the MEWE ́s creative moodboard and playground, a place for both sharing serious thoughts and crazy ideas.

And it’s a two way thing, since I invite you to join in on the fun here, with your comments and ideas.

Its exactly what the MEWE spirit is about; Wear it, live it, share it.

Love / The MEWE ́s Gitte Amalie

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